​Our Real Gas Lanterns at Entrance

Our Entrance

Our Front Door

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DRIP COFFEE SHOP Three Blocks Away

Our Old Street Trolley Early 1900's

We are ONLY 1.5 blocks from the Famous Mardis Gras Parade Route so book early!  Walk out our front door right onto the parade route!

Neighborhood House


Our Street View

MAIS AREPAS Restaurant three houses over

As one can see above there is a large range in prices for lodging here in the month of October 2018.  Once can pay a fortune for daily bed making and sheet changes and some cheap muffins or stay cheap at the Rodeway Inn or Best Way Inn.  The great part about our property and rates is that it compares greatly to the prices of Rodeway Inn and Best Way Inn but our property is within walking distance or next to the trolley for all local attractions and not 2 miles away.  And of course in no way do those places compare to the upscale nature and cleanliness for the value of our place.  But they do provide daily room service and make your bed and change your sheets.  If you need those services we encourage those types of guests to book at one of theses places for 2-3-4 for times the price of our property or stay cheap at Rodeway Inn or Bestway Inn (checkout those beds in the pictures above).  Please don't book here and then go online and complain because we will respond to all rude reviews where the guest failed to do their research before booking with us!  We love our guests and have some wonderful people stay and we welcome you with open arms! So please research before you book! 

​Real Gas Lanterns at Entrance at Night

The W.G. Creole House 1850

Neighborhood House


Our Chandelier at the Entrance

Located One Block Off Historic St. Charles Avenue

Neighborhood House

KEIFE WINE COMPANY Two blocks away

Neighborhood House

***Call us at 504-356-8700  for any questions****

Only two rooms Share Bath in Hall                   FREE Panoramic Wi-Fi

Other Rooms have Private Bathrooms              Quiet and Peaceful Property   

FREE HBO, CENEMAX, SHOWTIME              Individual In-Room AC Control

Free Unlimited Morning Coffee(self-service)   Only 1 Block from Street Car Trolley

******Note:  as of 1/25/20 there is no construction going on in our property.  we recently upgraded to a new shower in one of our pretty rooms and we apologize for the torment and agony it caused one of our guests.  there is no more construction and our place is always quiet, clean, and pretty for our guests.

WE DO NOT OFFER DAILY maid SERVICE AT THE RATES WE CHARGE SO IF YOU NEED your bed made daily, new sheets everyday, & and breakfast BOOK SOMEWHERE THAT CHARGES FOR IT AS WE DO NOT CHARGE THE EXTRA $60 PER NITE ROOM FEE for that service!  yes, we will always give you extra towels and change your sheets if you have an accident.  also there is a staff member on the property from 7pm at night until 7am every morning of the weekday and all hours of the day on Saturday and sunday.  we ensure the place is running properly and the place is quiet!  

below we showed the room rates per night for other lodging places so everyone can see why people book with us usually between $59-$90 per night! we have encountered people who love to complain that they didn't receive these services here but that the prices and location are so great..... so now there is no excuse to complain as its all listed here for your convenience. we also do not charge the $20-30 per nite for parking as it is free on-street parking either.  We are affordable and want nice people booking here that do their research and understand what sort of establishment we are.  Also if you are booking a room and you have not told your travel partner, that is a bad idea.  please discuss your reservation with your travel mate and/or tell them to read our website!!!!  we want happy guests and not surprised guests!!